Structure Designing

We provides consultancy services in the field of Structure Designing. Structural design is the methodical investigation of the stability, strength and rigidity of structures. The basic objective in structural analysis and design is to produce a structure capable of resisting all applied loads without failure during its intended life. We provide consultancy services in different fields of Civil Engineering using latest software along with the help of Indian Standards Codes to make Earthquake Resistant Structures efficient and economical.


Kiranotech Provides services in the field of Land Surveying. It is a field of applied science and engineering that deals with spatial information about position of points on above or below the earth’s surface. The spatial information may be displayed as maps, digital terrain models or just a list of coordinates of a points of interest in selected coordinate system. For completing the task of surveying KMM Consultants & Engineers uses latest instruments for achieving the greatest accuracy with minimum errors.

Quantity Surveying

The capital cost of a construction project is largely determined by decisions made by the client with their design team. The best outcomes are possible when each decision on the scope or quality of the project is made in the full knowledge of its impact on cost and the value that it provides to the client’s business. Kiranotech teams know that effective cost management comes from total integration into the design process. As full members of the project team, they use proven procedures and systems designed to give full access to current information on the budget and forecast cost to completion, thereby helping to shape the evolving design to match the client’s aspirations.

Project Management Consultancy (PMC)

Project Management Consultancy is effective and efficient only when it is involved in Total Project Life Cycle from Conception to Closeout. Awareness of various Processes involved in Project Management and detail study of multiple constraints of project like Time-Cost-Risk-Scope-Quality-Resource are an integral part of any project management consultancy. Kiranotech manage the Projects by application of their Knowledge, Skills, and Experience at various stages and give complete satisfaction to his various clients. Kiranotech also give expert site visits to his various clients and give unique solutions for different multi storey buildings and Infrastructures Projects.

Architectural Design, Drafting and 3-D Modelling

We at Kiranotech provides the consultancy services for the preparation of 2-D & 3-D Drawings of Residential, Commercial and Infrastructural Projects, Topographic Maps, Structural Drawings, etc. using latest software and tools.

Urban/ Regional Development and Planning

  • —Master Plan/ Urban and Regional Planning/  Industrial Area Planning
  • —GIS Based Master Plan/ Land Use Mapping
  • —City Development Plan/City Strategic Plans/ Zonal Area Planning/ Neighborhood Planning
  • —Urban Infrastructure Planning and Engineering (Water, Sewerage, Drainage and Solid waste Design)
  • —Waterfront Development/Tourism Development/ Urban Renewal
  • —Project Management Consultancy/Technical Assistance
  • —Policy Making and Planning Guidelines Formation

Landscape Development and Design

  • —Site Planning/ Open Space Development/ Development of Spaces below Flyovers.
  • —River front/ Canal front/ Beach front Development
  • —Bio Diversity Parks/ Botanical Garden/ City Level Parks/ Neighbourhood parks
  • —Streetscaping/ Road Side Development
  • —Residential and Commercial Landscape

Traffic and Transportation

  • —Comprehensive and Integrated Transport Planning
  • —Road/ Bridge Feasibility Studies
  • —Transport Node Development
  • —Traffic System Management
  • —Multi-modal Transport/ Transit Planning/ Simulation
  • —Road Management System Development & Implementation
  • —Institutional Development & Capacity Building
  • —Project Management Consultants

Roads and Highways

  • —Pavement design
  • —Geometric road design
  • —Road feasibility studies
  • —Project Management
  • —Urban Road network analysis Report
  • —Preliminary and Detailed GAD
  • —Construction/ Maintenance Supervision
  • —Engineering

Bridges and Structures

  • —Preliminary and Detailed GAD
  • —Structural Design & Detailing
  • —Construction/ Maintenance Supervision
  • —Subway Planning and Design
  • —Engineering Surveys
  • —Hydrological Studies
  • —Design of Safety and Access Control Barriers
  • —Earth and Water Retaining Structures


  • —Demand analysis
  • —Route selection
  • —Environmental impact
  • —Economic and feasibility analysis
  • —Railways, terminals and yard layouts
  • —Maintenance facilities
  • —Pre-feasibility / Feasibility Studies
  • —Detailed Engineering Designs
  • —Project Management Services
  • —Construction Supervision