Pre Bid Engineering

Pre Bid Engineering

KIRANOTECH ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY PVT LTD services include tendering assistance for obtaining orders with the help of bidding assistance, review of documents of the client, and all the necessary details. Our team studies, analyzes and suggests technical requirements for the submission of the bid document related to the projects.

Strategize the cost, identification of the sources of materials, prediction of the projects with value engineering, everything is being tracked by the Kiranotech Engineering Consultancy team to assist clients at all stages in the bidding process to facilitate accurate data/information submitted during the contract finalization.

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Some important things like traffic survey, furnishing the details of revenue model, project costs and parameters along with project documents. The team of Kiranotech does its job diligently and judiciously.

Based on the site visits by the team and studies of drawings and relevant documents, a detailed bill of quantities is chalked out. Also, the alternative design techniques for construction are properly chalked out as part of the value engineering process. Raising pre-bid queries, and amendments in the BOQ based on client’s alternative designs if any are carried out.

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